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These 9 underrated Japanese Punk Bands are worth the hype!

WHABBY! Music - December 8, 2019
Japanese punk bands have a special place in our hearts. While most haven't yet earned global acclaim (perhaps due to the language barrier?), many are…

5 Rock Bands like My Chemical Romance (MCR)

WHABBY! Music - November 18, 2019
Ok, ok, let's first get this out of the way! Us die-hard MCR fans know full well that there are no real substitutes for My…

Singers like Adele with Powerhouse Voices (Similar Female Artists)

WHABBY! Music - October 24, 2019
Singers like Adele don't come along every day. With more than 120 million albums sold and multiple No. 1 singles under her belt, Adele is…

Songs About Missing Someone You Love

WHABBY! Music - September 18, 2019

Here’s our list of songs about missing someone you truly care for.

Bands like Linkin Park that’ll ignite the angst in you

WHABBY! Music - September 5, 2019

Discover bands similar to Linkin Park’s Hybrid Theory / Meteora era.

Fly Me to the Moon Covers (The Best of YouTube)

WHABBY! Music - September 4, 2019

Here’s some of the best Fly Me to the Moon covers on YouTube.

Best Indie Pop Artists of 2019 so far!

WHABBY! Music - August 30, 2019

Our picks of the best indie pop artists of 2019 so far!

Singers Like Billie Eilish who Break the Mold!

WHABBY! Music - August 29, 2019

Our list of singers like Billie Eilish! Includes Clairo, Lana Del Rey, Bea Miller, and more.

Bands Like The Beatles That’ll Get You Humming!

WHABBY! Music - August 27, 2019

Our list of bands like the Beatles with a similar sound. #bringbeatlemania back!

The Best Indie Rock Bands that’ll Turn You Into a Fan! (Part 1)

WHABBY! Music - August 26, 2019

Discover some of the best indie bands from around the world.

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