Copyrighting your music:
What musicians NEED to know


Whether you’re an indie artist or a pro, music ownership is an important part of every musician’s career

Learn how to protect your music and kickstart your career.

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After sinking in countless hours in the studio to create your music, you want to make sure you protect your intellectual property. Copyrighting your music helps you do just that: It keeps others from infringing on your work, and ensures you can take home any royalties you generate from streaming platforms, gigs, merch, and more.

However, the challenge with copyright is that there’s a lot of information out there — and most of it is written in legal jargon. It’s tricky to decode how creative ownership works, what your rights are, and the steps you need to take to protect your work.


The Indie Musician’s Guide to Copyright

We’ve compiled an eBook that helps you decode the legalese and protect your music, with the help of WHABBY! Music’s consulting lawyer, Sam Padbidri.

As a musician, lawyer, and founder of Goose Infiniti, Sam Padbidri trained in Litigation and Intellectual Property Law and now advises on music, law and business across the Asia-Pacific region. Sam’s well-versed in the field of copyright and distribution for indie musicians: he’s both worked as a lawyer and produced his own tracks under the alias Dreebsby.

With Sam’s insider knowledge and insights, this eBook will take you through:


The basics of copyright, including the different types of copyright out there and how copyright works across borders


The five exclusive rights that you are entitled to when you protect your work


How to protect your song and register for performance royalties


What to do if you find your copyright has been infringed upon

This guide also includes insights on navigating those tricky gray areas for copyright, such as covers, digital performances vs. live performances, and Fair Use laws.

Learn to protect your music today

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