You’re Invited to an Exclusive Q&A With Music Lawyer Sam Padbidri

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We’re inviting you to this exclusive Q&A session with music lawyer, artist, record label owner, and musician Sam Padbidri.

Get the answers to all your questions about:

  • Building your brand as a musician
  • Understanding music contracts
  • Working with music labels
  • Earning money from your music 
  • Royalties, copyrights, and more!

Get answers for your specific questions from experts who know the music industry inside and out

We’re inviting you to join a small group of other musicians for an hour-long Q&A session with Sam. You’re free to ask questions about your specific career, for a fraction of what it would cost to hire a music strategy or legal team. 

Submit your questions ahead of time, and we’ll match you up with a group of 5–10 other musicians who are at a similar stage of their music career. Not only will you get the answers to your questions, but you’ll be able to network with other artists who share your passion and drive to be a successful musician. 

Sam will draw from his experience with music law and business, and he’ll focus on the questions you and the other members of your group ask. 

This isn’t a standard webinar where you simply tune in and listen. Sam will be fielding your questions, with specific insights, examples, and tips just for you.


Meet your host, Sam Padbidri

Sam Padbidri, WHABBY! Music’s consulting lawyer, has years of experience in the music industry. You can trust him go give clear, no-nonsense answers to your questions, because he’s also:


The founder of Goose Infiniti, a music industry services company that does everything from record label services (music production, publishing, and distribution) to music law and business consultancy


A successful singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist known as Dreebsby


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