Best Indie Pop Artists of 2019 so far!

Best Indie Pop Artists 2019

At WHABBY Music, we listen to lots of indie music from around the world. But who are the best indie pop artists of 2019? Here are some of our fresh personal favorites so far, listed in no particular order.

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1. Firefly Search Party

Based in Singapore, Firefly Search Party is an indie folk/pop band made up of Dian and Nathan, with a supporting team of talented musicians. The band effortlessly churns out accessible tunes and catchy hooks, all performed with breezy indie swag. For example, have a listen to I’m Not Gonna Lose You, recorded with the WHABBY Team. You’ll find yourself humming the chorus in no time!

At their core, Dian and Nathan seek to tell stories of love, tapping into our innate desires to connect with others. This is felt in their heart-on-sleeve lyrics which are a refreshing contrast to today’s increasingly ‘abstract alt pop’ world.

In short, Firefly Search Party is easily among the best indie pop artists we’ve heard in 2019 thus far. Even better, the band actually sees themselves as a multi-genre act, so you can expect nothing but fresh new styles from them. Do yourself a favor and check them out!

2. Ben Reneer

Imagine coasting down a vast open highway, the sunset and ocean your traveling pals. Then, turn on Ben Reneer’s Swallow and bask in his chilled musical vibes. It’s a beautiful match.

We discovered Ben while surfing YouTube and instantly fell in love with his music! His album, Facets of this Faded Memory, is equal parts hopeful and soul-stirring. To us, Ben’s gentle singing soothes like a balm, urging us to open our hearts to his lyrical stories.

Don’t just take our word for it! Have a listen to his tracks below and you’ll see why we regard him as one of the best indie pop artists of 2019.

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3. AJ Edwards

Criminally underrated, AJ Edwards’ Enswell makes us wanna do an office jig with nary a care, bobbing our heads to his thumping beats. This Boston-based indie pop singer knows how to bring on the good vibes.

While a new discovery for many, AJ Edwards is actually somewhat of a touring veteran, having supported many great acts like Matt Nathanson, Vance Joy, Blue October, and The Lone Bellow. Our favorite album of Edwards is More Than Daylight, which pulses with memorable indie pop hooks. He reminds us a little of Better Than Ezra in their prime.

Overall, we think AJ Edwards is an absolute music gem – and a shoo-in for our list of best indie pop artists of 2019. Keep your ears peeled for him!

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4. Sobs

When we first heard Sobs, we sobbed… with joy! OK, we exaggerate. But you get the point. We see this young Singaporean group as one of the best indie pop artists to come out in recent years.

Check out Astronomy for starters. That wondrous guitar fuzz, compressed drums, and rhythmic synth / bass all help to create an appealing low-fi song that melds perfectly with their retro aesthetics. In addition, Sobs’ singer – Celine Autumn – showcases her no-frills, easy-on-the-ears vocals that simply invite for repeated listens.

5. The Well Pennies

True love is a recipe for great music! The Well Pennies are an indie pop / folk duo made up of husband / wife team Bryan and Sarah Vanderpool. They marry lush harmonies with springy acoustic melodies, all to make us smile at the thought of happy days. “Ooh La la”, yes we do want to feel it, too!

The Well Pennies have already received tons of critical acclaim from many credible outlets, including Billboard Magazine, Diffuser, and NYLON – to name but a few. Above all, the pair exudes musical sunshine and optimism. However, their songs never get mawkish, always offering the right amount of sweetness without veering into naiveté.

In short, we’re excited to hear more from them in the years to come. But for now, we’re just glad to include them into our list of the best indie pop artists of 2019. Well-deserved!

Know of other great indie pop artists for us to add? Leave a comment and we’ll take a listen!

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Best Indie Pop Artists of 2019 so far!
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