The Best Indie Rock Bands that’ll Turn You Into a Fan! (Part 1)

Best Indie Rock Bands

Greetings, indie rock lovers, you beautiful people! Welcome to our brand new series of posts featuring the best indie rock bands, in our humble opinion of course. We’ve searched high and low for some of the most talented music acts for you to discover and fall in love with. In addition, we aren’t geographically biased. Thus, we’ve made it a point to include old and new indie rock bands not just from America but also from other world regions.

So, without further ado, let us present to you 5 of our favorite indie rock bands! We’ll also be publishing a fresh list every week, so be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated.

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1. Knightingale

“Play it loud and play it proud!” That’s the simple yet deliciously visceral mantra of Knightingale, an indie rock band hailing from Singapore. Best of all, we’ve had the pleasure of featuring them in one of our own originally-produced WHABBY Music videos.

Just take a listen to White Shadow, the rip-roaring single off their EP. The band is all about hard and fast guitar riffs and head-banging drums, all executed without a bassist. They aim to write catchy melodies with lyrics that seek to channel raw and urgent energy over needless clarity.

With a few years of experience behind them, we anticipate Knightingale to easily rise as one of the best indie rock bands from Asia. That’s a spoiler, not a prediction. Remember, you heard it first from WHABBY Music!

2. Creeping Jean

Creeping Jean puts vintage groove back into indie rock. Criminally underrated, the band churns out hum-worthy melodies coupled with an incredible rhythm section that’ll get you dancing in no time.

One listen to Whispers and you’ll see the immense potential of this five-piece Brighton band. The song melds upbeat percussion, retro organs, and addictive funk guitars into a cohesive rock whole. Great stuff – and we can’t wait for more new tracks! They’re definitely among the best indie bands to keep your eye on.

3. Lucie, Too

Japan has consistently given us some of the best indie rock bands over the years. We believe Lucie, Too falls easily into that category. If you’re into feelgood indie pop, you’ll most definitely take to their music instantly like a bird to song.

Lucie, Too buzzes with chirpy tunes complete with jangly electric guitars and summer-style melodies. Aesthetically, this three-piece all-girl band keeps things simple, opting instead to let their music take center stage without fluff. Personally, we think their music would fit perfectly as theme songs for classic heartwarming animes like Princess Jellyfish or Natsume’s Book of Friends.

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4. Orangecove

Open your ears to Orangecove’s Here We Go Again and you’ll immediately know you’re in for a hellava good time. Emerging from Singapore, this pop punk / chill-out rock band flourishes with addictive song hooks, sing-along choruses, and very relatable lyrics.

The band has released several albums, each with a different vibe. However, the unifying thread of this indie rock group is its central themes of friendship, human bonds, and deeper reflections on the things that truly matter in life.

To us, Orangecove is easily among the best indie rock bands around. You’ll also want to check out their newer cosmic-esque song We are Infinite that showcases their fresher, stripped-down sound.

5. Shortstraw

Like the other acts on this list, Shortstraw is a woefully underrated indie rock band from South Africa that many people haven’t yet heard of – but really should!

The band was originally formed way back in 2007 and, since then, have slowly built themselves a loyal fanbase. Musically, Shortstraw plants their feet firmly in the soils of classic indie rock – yet aren’t afraid to experiment with interesting rhythmic and song structure changes. For example, check out Ignorance is Bliss, which begins with a simple hook before exploding into a wondrous crescendo of guitars and segmented tempo changes. Epic!

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The Best Indie Rock Bands that’ll Turn You Into a Fan! (Part 1)
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