Fly Me to the Moon Covers (The Best of YouTube)

Fly Me To The Moon Covers YouTube

Fly Me to the Moon was originally written by Bart Howard in 1954, and first sung by the exquisite Kaye Ballard. However, Frank Sinatra’s swing-infused 1964 cover is one of the most familiar versions, partly boosted by NASA’s old adverts of their early moon missions (no surprise). These days, Fly Me to the Moon covers have remained a staple of many live performers around the world.

That being said, what are some of the best Fly Me to the Moon covers to be found on YouTube today?

Well, out of the many, here are five of our current favorites, in no particular order. In addition, we’ll focus on sharing covers by slightly lesser-known YouTubers, just to spread the love for their amazing talent!

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1. Daniel Sid

Based in Singapore, Daniel Sid is a seasoned acoustic guitar and looping performer with many live gigs under his belt.

We managed to get Daniel into a recording studio, to which he performed a splendid rendition of Fly Me to the Moon. Check out the video above!

Needless to say, Daniel’s warm and slightly raspy voice jives perfectly with the andante pace he sets for the song. He strips everything down to its bare acoustic essentials, topping everything off with some great mouth trumpeting.

In short, Daniel really won us over with one of the best Fly Me to the Moon covers we’ve heard in quite a while. Great stuff!

2. Imaginary Future

We absolutely adore all of Jesse Epstein’s beautiful covers and originals (stage name ‘Imaginary Future’). However, our regular go-to listen is his sublime rendition of Fly Me to the Moon.

Jesse reworks the classic into a relaxing acoustic folk ballad caressed by his crystal clear vocals and earnest delivery. We imagine it’d fit right in with the gentle aural tonality of the Life is Strange soundtrack.

In addition, you’ll also want to check out I Found You – a swoon-worthy original song Jesse co-wrote with his wife and fellow YouTuber, Kina Grannis. Romance is in the air!

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3. Charlie Rosen

Wanna hear something a little different? Have a listen to Charlie Rosen’s stunning six-part harmony rendition of Fly Me to the Moon. His version showcases his incredible a cappella versatility as he handles all the bass, baritone, and tenor parts all on his own. This is easily among our favorite Fly Me to the Moon Covers on YouTube.

You’ll also want to check out the #TeamChuck collaboration videos. These feature talented musicians from all walks of life coming together to create fresh covers of evergreen standards. Our favorite from the series is the left-field cover of Nirvana’s All Apologies, which features a wondrous hybrid of Indian and Western sounds. Incredible!

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4. Rick Hale & Breea Guttery

Rick Hale & Breea Guttery’s cover is a delightful balance of classic swing and modern pop. Beginning with Fly Me to the Moon, their mashup melts beautifully into Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillat’s Lucky. Style wise, this singing duo keeps things simple and sweet, allowing you to better enjoy their structural blending of both songs.

In addition, Rick also shares a simple tutorial showing you how to play the guitar parts of his rendition. Very helpful!

5. Katie Norregaard

Katie’s ukulele version of Fly Me to the Moon had us swaying and soothed from her very first note. Her no-frills cover turns the swing staple into a tender-hearted lullaby.

Her YouTube is also filled with other great ukulele covers. We especially loved Katie’s rendition of La La Land’s City of Stars that, to us, is among the best on YouTube. Her tranquil voice never fails to calm our hearts.

It’s been some time since her last upload. So we’re hoping Katie will return to posting more YouTube covers soon.

Know of other great Fly Me to the Moon covers? Drop your suggestions in the comments section below!

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Fly Me to the Moon Covers (The Best of YouTube)
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