These 9 underrated Japanese Punk Bands are worth the hype!

Japanese Punk Bands

Japanese punk bands have a special place in our hearts. While most haven’t yet earned global acclaim (perhaps due to the language barrier?), many are in fact seasoned masters at crafting melodic punk rock anthems. Japanese punk bands tend to be heavily influenced by American acts – yet, retain a lot of their original quirk and distinctly Asian flavor.

Japanese Punk Bands Over Arm Throw

Here are 9 of our favorite Japanese punk bands that you might not have heard of yet! Give them a listen.

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1. Pop Disaster

Formed in 2003, Pop Disaster aren’t as widely known as many other Japanese punk bands. However, they’ve already received a heap of credible praises from big-name American bands like Paramore and New Found Glory.

Pop Disaster thrive on writing melodic pop punk anthems, hybridized by both English and Japanese lyrics. Vocalist Takayuki also fronts the band with infectious aplomb, hooking you in.

2. Over Arm Throw

If you’re a fan of aggressive pop punk, look no further than Over Arm Throw. Songs like ‘Spiral’ (above) will get you headbangin’ in no time. Specifically, the band’s music falls into the subgenre known as ‘skatepunk’, hallmarked by addictive sing-along choruses, double-pedalled drums, and unrelenting guitar riffs.

Members of Over Arm Throw aren’t content to ‘sell out’ to chasing mainstream pop sounds, opting instead to stay true to their original punk vibes.

3. Egg Brain

Not just a quirky name, Egg Brain initially formed back in 2007 – and, like many others, have endured changing music trends by sticking true to what they do best. Their latest single ‘Start From Scratch’ captures the band at their pop punk finest, featuring an insanely catchy chorus, thumping drums, and Joey Yakushi’s forever youthful passion.

We can’t wait for their upcoming 2020 album!

More underrated Japanese punk bands worth listening to!

4. Ellegarden


5. Strike Again

6. Castaway

7. No Bright Girl

8. Faith

9. Alternative Medicine

These 9 underrated Japanese Punk Bands are worth the hype!
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