14 Lesser Known U2 Songs Totally Worth Listening To (Underrated Gems)

Lesser Known U2 Songs Underrated

U2 are no strangers to success. With a career spanning more than three decades, the Irish quartet has sold millions of albums, and continue to be among the most successful touring bands of all time. You’re likely to already know their most famous hits (e.g. ‘With or Without You’, ‘Beautiful Day’, ‘Vertigo’, ‘One’, etc.). However, that being said, what are some lesser known U2 songs worth listening to?

Here’s a personal list of 7 of our favorite underrated U2 songs (in no particular order), spanning across their vast repertoire.

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14 Lesser Known U2 Songs Any Fan Should Listen To!

1. The Ground Beneath Her Feet

Amid the movie flop that was the Million Dollar Hotel comes ‘The Ground Beneath Her Feet’. Lyrically, Bono borrows words from Salman Rushdie’s similarly titled book. Widely considered by in-the-know U2 fans as one of the band’s most underrated songs, this track exudes a hypnotic, easy tempo vibe that channels aspects of Zooropa and Pop.

2. Please

For many U2 diehards, Pop – while regarded as a commercial flop – stands as one of the band’s boldest, more intriguing experimental forrays. Within the album lies the lesser known gem ‘Please’. Released in 1997, the lyrics of the song sound almost prophetic, evoking imagery eerily reminiscent of 9/11. ‘Please’ was regularly performed during the band’s massive PopMart Tour – but yet, stays largely overlooked among other lesser known u2 songs.

3. Ultraviolet

While enjoying a mild resurgence during the band’s recent Joshua Tree tour, ‘Ultraviolet’ is still largely unknown by most casual U2 fans. That’s a real shame because the song serves as a near-perfect marriage of Edge’s soaring guitars and Bono’s powerful vocals, coupled by Adam and Larry’s rhythmic drive. Live performances are when ‘Ultraviolet’ truly shines, thanks in part to clever lighting effects and the band’s more visceral delivery (compared to the album version).

4. Kite

Never released as a single, ‘Kite’ was always a standout track for us on All That You Can’t Leave Behind. However, this lesser known U2 song truly reached new emotional heights during the band’s famous homecoming performance at Slane Castle. Bono in particular channels his raw and vulnerable grief via the song’s lyrics, having buried his father (who died of cancer) just one day before this concert. Breathtaking!

5. Love is Blindness

Jack White’s cover of U2’s ‘Love is Blindness’ helped propel it a little further into the public’s consciousness. However, for the most part, the song has remained a lesser known favorite, adored only by the band’s more ardent fans. That being said, our favorite version of the song isn’t actually sung by Bono, but instead, features The Edge in a stunningly stripped down live acoustic version. Have a listen!

More Lesser Known U2 Songs to Get Into!

6. Red Hill Mining Town

7. Seconds

8. Electrical Storm

9. Luminous Times

10. Invisible

11. The Three Sunrises

12. Salomé

13. I Threw a Brick Through a Window

14. Gloria

Know of other underrated / lesser known U2 songs worth mentioning? Drop your suggestions below!

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14 Lesser Known U2 Songs Totally Worth Listening To (Underrated Gems)
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