Bands Like Green Day You Might Not Have Heard Of!

Bands like Green Day

Love or hate them, there’s no denying the punk rock longevity of Green Day. Formed way back in 1986, the band rose from their DIY roots to become MTV darlings throughout most of the 1990s, thanks to a string of melodic punk anthems. However, it was 2004’s American Idiot which saw the band secure its legendary mainstream status. Bands like Green Day prove that punk is here to stay, even if many genre purists might disagree.

Bands like Green Day Bands Similar to Green Day

Keen to fill your playlists with more punk goodness? Here are 5 other bands similar to Green Day you’ll want to listen to!

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1. Iman’s League

Much like other bands like Green Day, Iman’s League is a Singapore-based punk rock act with a knack for hammering together catchy melodies coupled with basic but effective guitar chords. There’s an urgency to their sound that’ll appeal to early-day Green Day fans, with lyrics that spill of angst and rebellion.

Like Green Day, Iman’s League has opted to play as a simple yet visceral-sounding three-piece. The band has already achieved a good degree of popularity in the South East Asian DIY punk rock scene.  

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2. Ellegarden

Sorely overlooked by most overseas audiences, Ellegarden are champions of the punk rock scene in Japan. Recently emerging from their extended hiatus, this band has churned out dozens of melodic punk tracks featuring both English and Japanese lyrics. 

Across their extensive catalogue, Ellegarden always succeeds at combining hummable choruses with true-to-genre punk guitars and drums. Listeners in search of bands like Green Day will want to give songs like Red HotFunnyBunny, and Starfish a try. Fun fact: the band loves cute cats!

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3. State Champs

State Champs is a back-to-basics pop punk band with relatable lyrics, catchy hooks, and a standout vocalist. There’s a youthful earnestness to their music that’ll appeal to long-time Green Day fans, with songs like Secrets perfectly capturing the mainstream punk sounds of the early-to-mid 90s. 

The band has amassed a cult following over the years, thanks largely to their energetic and fist-pumping live performances. Definitely a must-hear for anyone keen on musically similar bands to Green Day.

4. The Wonder Years

The Wonder Years have had a wonderful evolution over the years, shifting between themes of friendship, hardships, and underdog triumphs. Musically, the band has their hand on the pulse of putting together instantly memorable tracks such as Came Out Swinging and Sister Cities.

In addition, Green Day fans will be pleased by The Wonder Years’ emotional depth, as seen in confessional tracks like Cigarettes & Saints that features a well-crafted crescendo of soaring vocals, punk guitars, and thunderous kicks.

5. Waterparks

Waterparks merges classic punk rock with shades of mainstream pop to create a unique yet appealing sound that’s likely to appeal to Green Day fans. The band overflows with charisma, ,largely owed to frontman’s Awsten Knight captivating vocal performances.

Moreover, Waterparks kills it with their social media game, with the band unafraid to showcase their often hilarious behind-the-scenes antics. This is one act that’ll amuse as much as they’ll appease anyone’s thirst for killer punk melodies.

Other Punk Rock Bands Like Green Day

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Bands Like Green Day You Might Not Have Heard Of!
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