Bands like Linkin Park that’ll ignite the angst in you

Bands like Linkin Park Similar Music

Bands like Linkin Park hold a very special place in our hearts. Their classic nu-metal songs such as Numb, Crawling, Somewhere I Belong, In the End, and many others were the angst anthems of our rebellious youth. Above all, the band continued to evolve their music over the years, expanding into new genres yet still staying true to their raw heart-on-sleeve lyrical roots.

Sadly, everything came to a grinding halt when singer / music icon Chester Bennington passed away in 2017. As of now, Linkin Park’s future is up in the air. However, Mike Shinoda has recently expressed an openness to finding a new singer – although this is far from certain.

R.I.P. Chester. One more light flickers out.

In our effort to celebrate LP’s legacy, we’ve put together a list of 5 bands that Linkin Park fans are likely to enjoy. These talented musicians sound somewhat similar to the early Hybrid Theory / Meteora days of LP – but yet, also offer something entirely fresh to call their own.

Our list is in no particular order and focuses on lesser-known bands you might not have heard of… yet! Spread the word.

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1. Flawed Element

Flawed Element is a nu-metal / rock band hailing from the sunny island of Singapore. For Linkin Park fans, their music will be a familiar blend of screaming vocals, soaring power chords, and electronic / traditional drums. In addition, songs like On The Surface showcase lyrics filled with personal anguish, frustration, and the desire to break free from one’s mental prison.

In short, if you’re keen on more bands like Linkin Park, look no further than Flawed Element. Have a listen to Scars as frontman Joe belts out his inner Chester while adding his own style of visceral rage. Fantastic!

2. Manafest

Chris Greenwood (aka Manafest) and the musicians he works with have produced some incredible nu-metal gems over the past few years. Take a listen to Impossible for example. The song is packed with heavy guitar riffs, rap parts, and searing vocals akin to other bands like Linkin Park.

However, Manafest is also very much open to trying new sounds. For instance, his newer track Let You Drive is an upbeat pop / rap mix-up complete with killer rhythmic groove and an infectious chorus. In short, Manafest has proudly nurtured his own distinct music palette.

We wish Manafest all the best and look forward to hearing more music from him.

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3. Blue Stahli

Blue Stahli – founded by key member Bret – explodes at the seams with brutal energy and impassioned screams. This is all coupled with a roaring cacophony of electronic beats and a furious dose of cyberpunk attitude. Nice!

Have a listen to ULTRAnumb. In our opinion, this song echoes the best nu-metal bits of Hybrid Theory / Meteora – but amped up with solid industrial rock drums and thumping bass. It’s a brilliant, emotionally charged anthem that Linkin Park fans are bound to enjoy.

We foresee great success for Blue Stahli and anticipate more exciting music to come.

4. BackWordz

When we first discovered BackWordz, our eyes widened, jaws dropped – and we just knew we had to include them in our list of bands like Linkin Park.

Check out their official music video above. Statism is a beautifully aggressive song with some seriously intense rapping, a singalong chorus, and blazing rhythm section. Linkin Park fans will also love the band’s lyrical balance of social commentary and introspection, all performed with potent ferocity.

In addition, BackWordz also do stunning covers of many popular songs. They’ve actually done an amazing tribute to Chester with their re-imagining of Waiting for the End that’s totally worth your listen.

5. Fever 333

Think bands like Linkin Park mixed with the political anger of Rage Against the Machine. Now you’ve got your finger on the throbbing pulse of Fever 333, an exhilarating band guaranteed to win over long-time LP fans.

Our favorite Fever 333 song is Burn It. The track shifts between spitfire rap and a truly anthemic chorus, sending you soaring in aural bliss. Like Chester, singer Jason Aalon Butler brims with charisma – but marries this with his own lyrical criticisms of society’s systemic injustices.

In short, anyone yearning for artists similar to Linkin Park should absolutely give Fever 333 a go. Not convinced? Listen to Prey for Me/3 below, a track that evokes the best bits of Hybrid Theory and brings it all to a fever(333!) pitch.

Got a suggestion for more bands similar to Linkin Park? Leave a comment below!

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Bands like Linkin Park that’ll ignite the angst in you
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