Bands Like The Beatles That’ll Get You Humming!

Bands Like The Beatles

Many people regard The Beatles as the most influential band of all time. Despite what Drake says, the Fab Four’s musical impact on pop rock culture remains arguably unmatched. Together, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr created songs that – if the new movie Yesterday is anything to go by – still resonate with modern audiences today. With classics like Let It Be, Strawberry Fields Forever, Hey Jude, and so many more, bands like The Beatles are a once-in-a-few-lifetimes deal.

So you may be asking: are there other bands like The Beatles out there worth listening to? Indeed, yes, there are a few acts who sound quite similar – yet, proudly offer their own unique music flavor. Here’s 6 of them!

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1. Klaatu

Originally formed in 1973, Klaatu were once mistaken as a secret Fab Four reformation. This rumor was fueled by their enigmatic release of 3:47 EST, an album with melodies, harmonies, and strong structures that sound strikingly similar to The Beatles.

Of course, Klaatu were not limited to Beatles-esque sounds. For example, Around the World in Eighty Days shimmers with the band’s distinct lyrical style and instrumentation. However, it’s hard to deny the clear Beatles-like sound of many of their songs. This is a good thing, of course.

In short, you’ll definitely want to listen to Klaatu if you’re keen on discovering more bands like The Beatles.

2. Tame Impala

Listen to Tame Impala’s Feels Like We Only Go Backwards and you’ll be forgiven for mistaking it as an unreleased Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s track. The song features similar Ringo-style drums with Lennon-ish haunting vocals, and is an overall brilliant psychedelic journey the Fab Four would surely approve of. The same can be said of Mind Mischief, another surreal track that’ll appease anyone keen on bands like The Beatles.

Of late, Tame Impala has matured into a band that rides on its own wondrous strengths. They’ve infused elements of electronic rock, Supertramp, and My Bloody Valentine to create an astonishing sprawling soundscape that true psych-rock fans will adore. Great stuff!

3. Olivia Tremor Control

Olivia Tremor Control have earned their own cult following over the decades – and it’s well-deserved! Take their album Black Foliage for example. From track to track, the band produces music packed with lush harmonies, catchy melodies, and unexpected twists that – similar to the Beatles – are accessible and trippy all at once.

Like the Fab Four, Olivia Tremor Control are rulers of experimental rock, having produced full-length masterpieces that bring you along on cascading waves of psychedelic bliss. In short, if you’re looking for fantastic bands like the Beatles (mixed in with a bit of Beach Boys), look no further than this supremely underrated band.

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4. The Redwalls

Sadly, The Redwalls never stayed together long enough to leave a lasting cultural impact. However, have a listen to Thank You and you’ll instantly spot their British Invasion-inspired sound. Incredibly catchy and compact, the song would fit right in with The Beatles’ middle-era catalog – with maybe a touch of Abbey Road.

Other Beatles-esque tracks are also worth mentioning. For example, Front Page features low-fi rock vocals that channel bits of Rubber Soul, coupled with A Day in the Life type lyrics. You’ll want to lend your ears for this often overlooked sonic gem.

5. Temples

To many, the Temples are a saving grace of modern music. Initially formed as a home project in 2012, the band has churned out many bewitching singles (e.g. Colours to Life, You’re Either on Something) that echo the whimsical tone of The Beatles’ experimental era. Of course, don’t tell Tom Warmsley that. The singer / bassist of Temples has already heard enough Beatles comparisons to last a lifetime!

Above all, the Temples have taken recent strides to form their own distinct music style. For example, Strange or Be Forgotten is a soaring psychedelic nugget that incorporates synth strings, high-compression vocals, and a soothing rhythmic chorus that’ll make any Beatles fan weep with joy.

6. The Spongetones

The Spongetones were never shy about their love for The Beatles. On the contrary, they’ve actually done some excellent live covers of the Fab Four’s most famous songs.

However, this North Carolinian band are also an incredible beat music band to their own merit. For example, their debut album Beat Music has been ranked among the Top 25 Greatest Pop Albums of All-Time for its hook-filled tunes and nostalgic British Invasion vibes.

The band’s music is most akin to early-era Beatles – specifically, the time of Please Please Me, A Hard Day’s Night, and Beatles for Sale. You’ll hear this similarity amid original songs like You’re The One, which happily evokes 1960’s pop tropes.

In short, The Spongetones are an easy shoo-in into our list of bands like The Beatles. If you haven’t discovered them yet, what are you waiting for?

Writer’s Side Note:
You’ll also want to check out Badfinger – a band that, while having their own sound, shared a close working relationship with Paul McCartney via Apple Records. Sadly, they suffered through an unfair share of conflict and tragedy that greatly derailed their career. It’s a real shame, given that the group wrote some truly stunning songs. For example, have a listen to Baby Blue – a classic in our books!

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Bands Like The Beatles That’ll Get You Humming!
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