Singers like Adele with Powerhouse Voices (Similar Female Artists)

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Singers like Adele don’t come along every day. With more than 120 million albums sold and multiple No. 1 singles under her belt, Adele is soon set to release material from her upcoming 4th album. Having been on semi-hiatus for the last few years, you can only imagine the sheer anticipation of her fans!

In the meantime, you may be wondering: are there any other singers out there similar to Adele in their appeal? Well, of course! Here’s our list of 5 female vocalists worth lending your ears too.

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1. Andra Day

After working 20 different jobs to make ends meet, Andra Day finally had her singing breakthrough in an unlikely but blessed way. In 2010, Stevie Wonder’s wife heard Andra performing at a strip mall. This random encounter led to great things. She told her then-husband about Andra’s incredible talent, and the rest they say is history.

Like other singers like Adele, Andra’s powerhouse vocals are simply a joy to listen to. Our favorite song from her is ‘Rise Up’, hallmarked by her raspy R&B vocals and effortless belting. Andra has also worked extensively with Stevie Wonder, including lending her voice to the easy-listening track ‘Someday at Christmas’.

In short, Andra Day is a singer that Adele fans should keep a close eye on. We expect even greater things from her to come.

2. Frances

One listen to Frances’ ‘Grow’ and any Adele fan would be hooked. Not only does her voice exude quiet confidence, Frances is also a master songwriter who knows how to make you feel her raw passion and emotional lyricism.

While Frances isn’t yet a household name, one of her major breakthroughs came from her song being featured in the movie 2:22. She was also shortlisted for the 2016 BRIT Awards, among other notable milestones.

Similar to other singers like Adele, Frances isn’t afraid to showcase the strength of her raw vocals. Take a listen to ‘Don’t Worry About Me’ for example, which starts with her expressive singing in pure a cappella.

3. Ella Eyre

Ella Eyre sounds like a splendid mix of Adele and Duffy – with tons of her own original sass. Have a listen to ‘Deeper’, a song that we think perfectly highlights her strengths as a soulful modern R&B vocalist.

Similar to other singers like Adele, Ella has had her fair share of commercial success. She was the runner-up of the 2014 BRIT Critics’ Choice Award, which was quickly followed up by three singles that cracked the Top 20 in the UK Singles Chart.

Some of Ella’s most watched videos are from collaborations with diverse artists, including Sigala and Banx & Ranx. However, we personally enjoy her music the most when she’s going solo. For example, check out ‘If I Go’. We think Adele fans are likely to fall in love with her soaring voice and biographical lyrics on love – albeit set to a more upbeat pop chorus.

4. Birdy

First achieving fame with her global hit cover of Bon Iver’s ‘Skinny Love’, Birdy has since matured into an incredible singer-songwriter in her own right. Her vocals have also gotten even stronger over the years as she mixes powerful belting with her familiar head-voice.

We especially love her song ‘Words’ – which we believe Adele fans will also take to. Akin to other singers like Adele, Birdy knows how to weave raw emotions, memorable lyrics, and enrapturing melodies into an appealing whole. In addition, some of her collaboration work – such as ‘Let It All Go’ with Rhodes – sounds like a welcomed hybrid of Adele with Lana Del Rey. That’s never a bad thing!

Fun fact: Birdy’s parents actually gave her the nickname when they saw how she ate food as a child – like a bird!

5. Paloma Faith

Adele fans will surely love Paloma Faith’s proud homage to music from the past. Like Adele, Paloma often sings about love and its many misgivings, powering through her vocal range with smooth perfection. She also performs live with professional poise, proving that not all singers need to rely on cheap studio gimmicks and autotune.

Interestingly, as we were writing this post, Paloma has just uploaded a brand new song on YouTube a mere 7 minutes ago! Listening to ‘Freedom’, it sounds like she’s kept the old-school vocals in tact, adding in a touch of modern electronica but not losing her lyrical heart.

In short, Paloma Faith holds her own flame among singers like Adele. Having achieved multi-Platinum status long ago, we believe the best is yet to come for this talented singer-songwriter. Keep your eyes peeled!

Recommended by Readers

Thank you to reader Rose Lin for recommending Jess Glynne. We’ve listened to her tracks and definitely feel she warrants a place on our list of singers like Adele. She’s definitely got some powerful pipes and oozes old-school in all the right ways. Great suggestion!

Know of any more powerhouse singers like Adele? Drop your artist suggestions in the comments section below!

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Singers like Adele with Powerhouse Voices (Similar Female Artists)
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