Singers Like Billie Eilish who Break the Mold!

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Singers like Billie Eilish show us you don’t need to fit social norms to succeed. At just 17 (as of the time of this writing), she’s already earned seven Gold and three Platinum singles in the U.S. alone. Billie is most widely known for her ethereal singing style and unconventional lyrics. Her fans also see her baggy fashion sense as a breath of fresh air, along with her candid responses to the media. Billie’s most popular singles include bad guy, bury a friend, Lovely, and When the Party’s Over, among others.

There’s no one else quite exactly the same as her. However, we’ve searched the Internet to discover a few other singers similar to Billie Eilish in terms of their iconic and musical flair. Check them out!

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1. Lana Del Rey

Lana is an obvious choice when it comes to singers like Billie Eilish. In fact, Billie herself cites her as a musical inspiration – although she sees such comparisons as “disrespectful” to Lana. However, it’s hard to deny many Billie Eilish fans naturally gravitate to Lana as well, often calling the latter ‘Queen’.

Like Billie, Lana Del Rey isn’t afraid to subvert pop music norms. Her melancholic yet beautiful lyrics help to put song to raw emotion. In addition, Lana embraces her own distinct singing style. She drenches her subdued voice in haunting reverb and, similar to Billie, finds no need to embellish her melodies with ‘diva-ish’ bells and whistles.

In short, if you’re a die-hard Billie Eilish fan who hasn’t yet heard Lana Del Rey – where have you been? Bring on the summertime sadness!

2. Lorde

Along with Lana Del Rey, Lorde is often hailed as a pioneering Queen of alternative pop. Born in New Zealand, she’s widely praised for her out-of-the-box – yet, still accessible – songwriting style and thoughtful lyrics. Similar to Billie Eilish, Lorde has also shown her disinterest with fitting in with female stereotypes. Instead, she says what she feels like saying, and opts to dress the way she wants.

Musically, Lorde isn’t afraid to mix genres, blending mild hip hop beats with synth and lyrical storytelling. However, compared to Billie Eilish, we find that Lorde sticks a little closer to traditional pop – while also not sacrificing her individuality.

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3. Clairo

As a young 21-year-old, Clairo is already singing music way beyond her years. Like Billie Eilish, she low-keys her voice in favor of portraying emotion. Her quietly catchy tunes are coupled with introspective lyrics that are as relatable as they are elusive. In addition, Clairo lets her music speak for itself, swapping out flash (and flesh) for raw substance.

Similar to Billie Eilish, Clairo loves to experiment with diverse sounds. Some songs – like Closer to You – are driven by heavy bass and minimalist hip-hop beats. Other tracks adopt a more abstract and existential vibe.

Overall, we think Clairo is easily one of the best alternative pop singers like Billie Eilish, mostly for her willingness to push music conventions. Definitely an artist to look out for!

4. Marina

Stylistically, Marina leans more heavily on electropop than other singers like Billie Eilish on this list. However, akin to Eilish, her voice carries an ethereal quality that effortlessly portrays her raw emotions and inner thoughts. In fact, Billie herself has openly called Marina one of her biggest musical idols.

We especially loved her performance of Handmade Heaven. To us, it’s a perfect blend of melodic hooks and lyrical insight. In addition, Marina, like Billie, masterfully shifts between vocal breeziness and lush chorus harmonies to create music that’ll stick to your mind.

5. Bea Miller

Take a listen to Bea Miller’s feel something. You’ll likely notice the similarities she shares with Billie Eilish – even as she soars with her own identity. For starters, Bea uses her softened voice to tell relatable stories of personal anguish, hope, and other unfiltered feelings. She also straddles the line between electropop, hip-hop, and pop, forging a hybrid sound of her own.

In addition, Bea doesn’t hold back from airing her honest opinions. At just 20, she’s already spoken out about the importance of self-expression, while also staying transparent in her behind-the-scenes vlogs.

Put simply, fans wanting more singers like Billie Eilish will probably identify with Bea Miller’s striking identity as an artist and youth icon. Lend her your ears!

Know of other singers similar to Billie Eilish? Leave us a comment to share your suggestions with others!

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Singers Like Billie Eilish who Break the Mold!
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