Singers like Ed Sheeran who’ll make you swoon!

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Singers like Ed Sheeran know how to make us fall in love with the idea of romance all over again. A talented songwriter and singer, Ed Sheeran has wowed hundreds of millions of people with his heartfelt pop songs and meaningful lyrics. As testament to his wide appeal, many of his hit singles – including Perfect, I Don’t Care, and Shape of You – are now staples to modern-day pop music. You can’t go anywhere without hearing his singles!

This begs the question: are there other talented music artists out there similar to Ed Sheeran? The answer is “Yes, most definitely!”. Here are 5 of them!

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1. LEW

If you’re keen on discovering more singers like Ed Sheeran, look no further than LEW. A singer-songwriter from Singapore, LEW crafts lush acoustic music with confessional lyrics that come straight from the heart.

While he isn’t quite a household name (yet), LEW has quietly earned millions of views and streams across both YouTube and Spotify. Personally, our favorite track of his is Loved You So – a biographical pop acoustic ballad about coping with the sentimental challenges of letting go of love.

Do yourself a favor and check out LEW! Ed Sheeran would approve.

2. Tyler Ward

Tyler Ward’s voice sounds like a warm summer breeze. Similar to Ed Sheeran, Ward thrives in writing heartfelt acoustic songs that’ll have you humming the choruses in minutes. He produces a gorgeous mix of original songs and covers that have propelled him to YouTube stardom with more than 2 million subscribers and counting.

In addition, Tyler’s videos are also very well-produced. He also collaborates with many other musicians, giving you a chance to discover even more new indie talents. What we especially love about him is his humility and sincere passion for connecting with his fans. He’s even walked away from a 1.6 million dollar contract to stay true to himself. Amazing!

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3. Kyson Facer

We’ve actually shared Kyson Facer’s video on our Instagram – which has thus far garnered almost half a million views! No surprise, really, seeing that many people easily recognize his incredible talent for singing acoustic love songs.

Kyson is a rising star on YouTube. He hasn’t posted many videos online yet, although recent months have seen him upping his acoustic song outputs, much to the delight of his growing fanbase. In our opinion, Kyson is a master at picking the most suitable songs to showcase his clear and emotive voice. You’ll definitely want to check him out if you’re wanting more singers like Ed Sheeran!

4. Conor Maynard

For starters, you really should check out Conor Maynard’s Ed Sheeran sing-off against the very successful The Vamps. An addictive watch!

Like other similar artists like Ed Sheeran, we love the way Conor makes us swoon with his sincere and guy-next-door delivery. Moreover, he has written many romantic acoustic tracks of his own which – dare we say – are just as good as Ed Sheeran’s. Check out his very appealing Hate How Much I Love You, for example, which also showcases Conor’s self-deprecating sense of humor.

With music like that, it’s no wonder we fell in love with Conor – along with almost 10 million others! Definitely a star to watch out for.

5. Tanner Patrick

We first discovered Tanner Patrick’s acoustic cover of Ed Sheeran’s Perfect. Then we checked out his other music and become fans of his! His voice’s a little raspier than other singers like Ed Sheeran. However, like Sheeran, Patrick’s music flourishes from his confessional delivery of addictive melodies and catchy lyrics.

With almost 1.4 million subscribers, Tanner is quickly evolving into a unique artist in his own right. We personally love his original song I Want To, which makes us wish we were chilling on a beach with a significant other. Definitely music that Ed Sheeran fans will enjoy!

Know of other singers like Ed Sheeran? Drop us an email and we’ll add him / her to the list!

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Singers like Ed Sheeran who’ll make you swoon!
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