Songs About Missing Someone You Love

Songs about Missing someone you love

Life and the relationships we keep don’t always stay the same. You may be going through changes that have distanced you from the person closest to your heart. However, we hope our list of songs about missing someone you love will help ease your pain, one melody at a time.

1. When She Loved Me

Who’d think Toy Story could make grown adults cry? Composed by Canadian songstress Sarah McLachlan, When She Loved Me was originally used in Pixar’s movie to convey a toy’s longing for her former owner.

Years later, this sentimental track has expanded far beyond its initial context, becoming one of the most enduring and heartfelt songs about missing someone you love.

The track can easily be about a mother’s increasingly distant relationship with her daughter – or a partner who has drifted away. Whatever the connection, When She Loved Me‘s simple yet poignant lyrics are a powerful reminder of how happy moments shared with people will sometimes fade into nostalgia.

2. Nothing Compares 2 U

Sinéad’s earlier career was marred by ‘controversy’. However, she has recently been vindicated and applauded as a strong woman whose bold and authentic voice far transcended the cultural blindness of the past she spoke within.

All that aside, there’s no denying her 1990 megahit Nothing Compares 2 U still stands as one of the most iconic songs about missing someone ever written.

Originally performed by Prince, Sinéad’s haunting vocals – coupled with the song’s confessional lyrics – has been a melodic go-to for millions of people pining for a loved one.

In addition, both Time and Rolling Stone have listed Nothing Compares 2 U as being among the greatest songs of all-time. An impressive feat.

Also check out our list of romantic singers like Ed Sheeran.

3. Someone Like You

Adele has belted out a good number of songs about missing someone you love. However, our favorite from her is Someone Like You.

For many people, this bittersweet track echoes what it feels like to be torn between wishing an old flame the very best in life – yet, still holding onto fond memories of being with him / her.

We believe Someone Like You truly shines when sang live. For example, check out Adele’s mesmerizing live performance below and watch the crowd start to sing along. Beautiful!

4. I’ll Never Love Again

While most people were fawning over A Star is Born‘s Shallow, we regard I’ll Never Love Again as the movie’s real emotional showstopper.

The song’s lyrics capture what it feels like to hold an undying love for another, no matter the heart-wrenching loss. Thanks to Lady Gaga’s brilliant performance, this is conveyed in a way that stays traditionally romantic – yet, never feels trite.

In short, the song is a contemporary shoo-in for our list of songs about missing someone dear to you.

5. My Immortal

Evanescence’s critically acclaimed hit My Immortal is a delicate piano ballad that has been aptly described as “goth meets pop“. Lyrically, this love song taps into the trauma of a painful breakup – an experience that many people know all too well.

As one of the most listened to songs about missing someone, My Immortal – despite being released way back in 2004 – continues to rake in millions of views up till today (610 million in total and counting).

This lasting appeal is perhaps due to the song’s timeless lyrics of longingness that are at once relatable yet ambiguous, allowing those going through heartache to fill in the spaces.

Other Memorable Songs About Missing Someone You Love

I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing (Aerosmith)

Come Home (OneRepublic)

Somebody Else (The 1975)

Here Without You (Three Doors Down)

The Reason (Hoobastank)

I Miss You (Incubus)

Miss You Like Crazy (The Moffatts)

Tears in Heaven (Eric Clapton)

Faithfully (Journey)

When You’re Gone (Avril Lavigne)

Heaven Knows (Rick Price)

Leaving on a Jet Plane (John Denver)

What other songs about missing someone do you listen to? Share your favorites in the comments section below.

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Songs About Missing Someone You Love
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