The best music player for Android 2020

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You probably have a couple of streaming services installed on your phone, from Spotify to Soundcloud or Apple Music. But if you’re a budding indie artist, or simply an audiophile, chances are you want a dedicated offline music player on your phone.

Music players come packed with features streaming apps don’t, including theme customization, support for unique music file types, equalizers and more. From AIMP to PlayerPro, here are the best music players for Android in 2020.

1. AIMP Player

AIMP Player screenshot from Google Play store

AIMP has a simplistic, flat interface, but makes up for its simplicity with support for an incredible number of audio formats. In addition to supporting AAC, APE, DFF, DSF, FLAC, IT and M4A files, to name a few, it also supports Android Auto and other custom car PCs. 

The app features a basic built-in light, dark, and black theme; however, it does come with some custom theming options. And with a 29-band graphic equalizer and playback speed control, AIMP is not lacking in any playback features.

2. Neutron Music Player

Neutron Music Player screenshot

Of all the music players on the list, Neutron Music Player features the most unique design. The app’s appearance might not be for everyone, but with a 32- and 64-bit audio engine that’s independent of the Android OS, the audio quality it offers is perfect for audiophiles. 

In addition to its top-notch sound, Neutron supports a variety of unique file types like flac, MPC, AU, AUIFF, and more. The player can also output hi-res audio directly to the internal digital audio converter if the device supports it, and it claims to be the only audio player capable of sending audio to the network renderers (such as UPnP/DLNA, Chromecast) with all DSP effects applied including true gapless playback.

3. Poweramp Music Player

Power Music Player Screenshot from Google Play Store

Poweramp has been the go-to music player for Android users for a long time, thanks to its clean interface and the ability to use themes downloaded from Google Play. Poweramp supports hi-res output and internal 64-bit processing. 

On top of being a fast and powerful media player with Android Auto support and several visualization options, the app includes a number of playback features, including gapless playback, and crossfade. For an added bonus, it also comes with tons of widget and customization options, as well as tag editing. 

4. Pulsar Music Player

One of the most popular music players on the Play Store, Pulsar is a lightweight music player like many of the others on this list. But unlike some of the other lightweight players out there, Pulsar offers a refined, elegant appearance that’s incredibly enjoyable to use. 

Pulsar is available both as a free and paid option. The free option includes fast searches, a built-in tag-editor, smart playlist and gapless playback. However, if you want to experience the true benefits of the music player, it’s worth investing in the paid option. The paid version of the app comes with a ton of extra features, including lyrics display, crossfade, play speed adjustment, last.fm scrobbling, Chromecast, voice command, Android Auto, equalizer, music visualizer, audio balance, ReplayGain, and a sleep timer – just to name a few.

5. BlackPlayer EX Music Player

BlackPlayer Music Player from android store

With a clean and modern interface, Blackplayer allows you to navigate your music with ease – a must-have for any artist with a large media library. Blackplayer uses a tab structure, allowing you to organize the tabs to show only the ones you want to use. 

Like a lot of Android players out there, Blackplayer is available as a free and a paid app. The free version is already decked out with a lot of the basics: An equalizer, widgets, scrobbling, an ID3 tag editor, no ads, themes, and support for most commonly used music files. But if you want to customize your app, the paid version is the way to go: you’ll get a visualizer, better sorting and first access to any new features added to the player. 

6. PlayerPro Music Player

PlayerPro from Google Play store

Another one that’s been around for years, PlayerPro has survived the test of time thanks to its unique interface. While most apps that don’t follow Google’s flat, minimalist design tend to look outdated and ugly, PlayerPro’s unique design is striking and satisfying to use. 

On top of looking great, PlayerPro offers up some unique features, like the ability to import your music history and ratings from desktop music players, voice search and Google Now integration, custom smart playlists, and the ability to shake the phone to change tracks. It also supports playing video, Android auto, Chromecast, and HI-Fi music up to 32bit-384kHz. 

Unfortunately, these features don’t come for free: You’ll have to pay for PlayerPro, but you can score a free trial to test the waters first. 

7. GoneMAD Music Player

GoneMAD Music Player

If you’re the type of person who likes to customize every little detail of your app, then GoneMAD is the best music player for Android in 2020. The player offers a built-in theme builder with over 250 options to choose from – and If you’re feeling lazy and don’t want to build your own, you can select one from over 1,000 preset themes. 

In addition to offering up customization in spades, GoneMAD supports gapless playback, preamp gain control and has 16 built-in EQ presets with, of course, options to create your own. It also supports the ability to display song lyrics and features the ability to force mono playback if you need it.

Like PlayerPro, GoneMAD is a paid app but comes with a 14-day free trial. 

8. Phonograph Music Player

Phonograph music player from Google Play store

If you fancy yourself a coding type and like to tinker in the back-end, Phonograph is one of the best open source music players on the Playstore. Simple, lightweight and incredibly easy to use, Phonograph has fairly basic theming options but offers a clean material design interface by default. 

The app comes with all the essentials you need in a music player for Android, including Last.FM integration, tag editing, and a home screen widget. It also features several playlist options and is one of the few music players in the Google Play Store that has no in-app purchases.

Did we miss any? Tell us your favourite music players for Android in the comments below!

The best music player for Android 2020
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