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5 Best Apps to Make Music With (Write Songs on Android / iOS)

Best Apps to make music

Songwriting ideas can strike at any time. You could even be outdoors on-the-move when a brilliant lyric or melody suddenly fills your creative mind. Thankfully, our tech age has graced us with many amazing apps that allow us to record music wherever we are. But what are the best apps to make music with? Here are 5 of our favorites! (And while you’re here, check out our article on building a DIY recording studio at home.)

What are the best apps for making music?

1. BandLab

Best Apps to make music 2

Used by millions of aspiring songwriters around the world, BandLab makes music-making easy with its incredibly intuitive app interface. The in-built Mix Editor allows you to build song ideas from thousands of beat and loop options using simple drag-and-drop.

The app is packed with more than 200 professionally crafted virtual instruments. In addition, we were really impressed by the guitar / bass amp simulators and all their adjustment features.

Best of all, BandLab lets you collaborate with other music-makers around the world. Just share your song to the app’s community and invite others to join in to create something truly amazing.

Overall, we think this is definitely one of the best apps to make music with! BandLab is available on Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

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2. Music Maker JAM

Best Apps to make Music 3

Music Maker JAM empowers you with more than 300+ Mix Packs to scratch your songwriting itch. You can combine different samples, adjust their effects / volumes, and add in your sung melodies with the recording feature.

We especially enjoy the launch tutorial which breaks down all the app’s robust features into simple steps. You’ll be a whiz user in no time!

As one of the best apps to make music with, Music Maker JAM also has a huge community of songwriters who are open to collaborations. You can also upload your creations directly onto SoundCloud, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

Music Maker JAM is available on Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

3. smart Chords & tools

smart Chords

Don’t be put off by smart Chords & tools somewhat literal name (also, where are the capital letters?). This is for sure one of the best music apps to write your songs with wherever you are.

The app brims with a huge library of string-instrument chords that’ll whet any songwriter’s appetite. This is especially useful when you’re in search of that elusive chord to complete your song composition. Every chord comes with full audio and fingering displays. Impressive!

smart Chords & Tools also integrates with other online catalogs like Ultimate-Guitar and e-Chords, which grants you access to chords for millions of hit songs. This is definitely one of the best features!

The app is available on Google Play.

4. GarageBand


Expanding from its Mac origins, GarageBand for the iOS is as easy-to-use as it always was. In addition to recording features, the app offers you a wide array of traditional and less common instruments to compose your songs with. You can also plug in your guitar and choose from an impressive library of professionally-made amp / pedal effects. Nice!

The new Sound Library is a welcomed inclusion. It lets you conveniently download free sound / loop packs to further customize and enhance your core tracks. Aspiring DJs will also enjoy the tap-triggers that make it easy and fun to write original or remixed electronic music.

Being an Apple product, GarageBand is only available on their app store.

5. Walk Band

Walk Band

Downloaded more than 50 million times, Walk Band is for sure one of the best apps to make music with. You’ll get a great variety of songwriting modes, including piano and drum kit user interfaces.

However, we were most blown away by the incredibly diverse guitar / bass settings. For example, you can visually switch between slap, acoustic, picked, or finger bass styles, which can then be added to a clean-cut multi-track synthesizer.

Moreover, the app is particularly useful for MIDI composers who wish to craft 8-bit style songs that can be easily exported to desktop for further tweaking.

Walk Band is currently available on the Google Play store.

What other great music-making apps are there? Leave your suggestions in the comments section below!

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5 Best Apps to Make Music With (Write Songs on Android / iOS)
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