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Indie Music Blogs That’ll Help Your Music Get More Exposure

Indie Music Blogs Best

Are you an indie musician looking for online places to submit your songs to? Here are 10 of the best indie music blogs that’ll help you out!

1. Various Small Flames

Best Indie Music Blogs Various Small Flames

Various Small Flames helps indie musicians like you find an avid audience. They do reviews and previews, with an open invite for song submissions. Furthermore, articles are written with lots of care, revealing the authors’ true passions for what they do. You’ll find Various Small Flames to be one of best indie music blogs out there.

2. Drunken Werewolf

Best indie Music Blogs Drunken Werewolf

The staff credentials of Drunken Werewolf is enough to convince you of the blog’s indie music expertise. Lots of journalistic integrity goes into their reviews / previews. In addition, submitting your songs is a breeze thanks to clear-cut instructions. A standout among indie music blogs.

3. HighClouds

Best Indie Music Blogs HighClouds

Starting as an Internet radio station, HighClouds has evolved into one of the best indie music blogs out there. The site features indie music reviews / previews from heaps of up-and-coming artists. HighClouds’ ambition is to feed you with a steady stream of exciting indie talent – like yourself!

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4. Indie Shuffle


Indie Shuffle only shares positive reviews of the indie music they like. So, rest assured that if you’re reviewed, it’s already a stamp of approval. Furthermore, Indie Shuffle supports a huge array of genres, all neatly categorised for your listening pleasure. Submitting your song is also a breeze, although not all acts get to be featured.

5. Aquarium Drunkard

Indie Music Blogs Aquarium Drunkard

Aquarium Drunkard is filled to the brim with daily reviews, previews, and audio features. The indie music blog embraces many genres. Moreover, there’s tons of other stuff for you to take in, including documentaries, news, and more. In addition, submitting your song is easy, although MP3 files are only hosted for a limited period of time.

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6. Atwood Magazine

Best Indie Music Blogs Atwood Magazine

Atwood Magazine is as passionate as it gets when it comes to indie music blogs. The staff writers celebrate creativity, taking the time to produce nuanced reviews / previews of their favorite indie music acts. Interviews are also in-depth, owed to their thoughtful questions and narratives. Submit your songs to them for a chance to be featured!

7. Wolf in a Suit

Indie Music Blogs Wolf in a suit

Apart from their awesome name, Wolf in a Suit is a standout among indie music blogs for the fresh acts they introduce to the world. Most reviews are kept short but are packed with optimistic support. This team knows how to spot good musical potential when they see it. Submitting your music to this quality blog is just a few short clicks away.

8. Two Story Melody

Best Indie Music Blogs Two Story Melody

Two Story Melody focuses on songwriting – specifically, understanding the real-life stories and creative process behind songs. Articles delve deep into uncovering the meanings infused within melodies. Submit your song to tell your story today!

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9. Indie88

Indie88 is highly respected among indie music blogs. You’ll discover tons of reviews, previews, and features – all supporting indie musicians like you. In addition, there’s an Internet radio station streaming a carefully curated playlist of indie breakout artists. Submit to Indie88 for the exposure they could give you!

10. The Music Ninja


The Music Ninja steers music listeners away from ‘bad repetitive music’ towards more creative indie music goodness. The site creates playlists from new artist discoveries, coupled with some tongue-in-cheek humor. In addition, The Music Ninja listens to all your submissions. You’ll do yourself good by firing them an email!

Know of any other best indie music blogs? Drop us an email and we’ll include them!

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Indie Music Blogs That’ll Help Your Music Get More Exposure
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