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5 Best Music Marketing Books for Online Indie Musicians

Best Music Marketing Books

Promoting your own original music online can seem daunting. However, we’ve put together a list of 5 of the best music marketing books that’ll teach you what you need to know to get started.

We ourselves have read these books and picked up tips that helped us grow our own Instagram channel to 37k+ followers. As an aspiring indie musician, we believe you too will find them packed with incredibly useful marketing tips.

Before we get started, we want to make sure you know about our Indie Musician Blueprint guide. It has tips on how to grow your career as an indie musician including:

  • Creating your brand identity
  • Promoting and marketing your music
  • Building your audience of listeners
  • Creating multiple income streams from your music
  • Dealing with contracts and record deals
  • Insights from actual musicians who have made it big

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Great Music Marketing Books to Read

1. Music Marketing

Best Music Marketing Books

Music Marketing is one of the best music marketing books when it comes to showing you how to plan both your online and offline music promotions.

Author Mike King covers a wealth of need-to-know music marketing basics. For example, he presents a step-by-step outline of how to reach out to traditional media outlets, connect with online indie mags, gain distribution channels, and earn fans along the way.

In short, Music Marketing is a great starting point for indie musicians keen to increase their global exposure and build a name for themselves. The book is especially useful for those working with a shoestring budget.

2. How to Use Spotify Playlists to Launch Your Career in Music

How to Use Spotify Playlists to Launch Your Career in Music

Getting on Spotify is easy. However, how do you actually get tens of thousands of people to discover your original songs?

This is where How to Use Spotify Playlists to Launch Your Career in Music comes in. As its title suggests, the book reveals how to get your music heard by new listeners (and potential fans!) on the world’s most popular music streaming platform.

We especially love the sections that cover the best ways to connect with influential Spotify curators and get slotted into their big playlists. There’s also a great chapter about the ‘underground’ methods used by major music labels like Universal Music and Warner to gain Spotify traction. Eye-opening stuff!

Also check out 5 Amazing Music-Making Apps to Help You Write Songs!

3. Instagram Power

Best Music Marketing Books 4

We know first-hand the power of Instagram music marketing. For example, check out the levels of engagement we get on our own IG profile.

A lot of our Instagram knowledge was learnt from reading Instagram Power. The book isn’t specifically about music promotion per se. However, the tips contained inside apply to almost any niche. Yes, that includes your own music marketing efforts!

Instagram is a perfect platform to share your visual and audio content to engaged audiences. In addition, free features such as IGTV and IG stories are an ideal way to highlight your unique personality to potential fans.

Instagram Power helps you master all the above tools, and then some. In short, it is one one of the best music marketing books you’ll ever read to learn the ins and outs of IG. Incredibly insightful!

4. Get More Fans

Get More Fans Music Marketing

Get More Fans focuses on the process of winning over real fans who support your music. Best of all, author Jesse Cannon has directly helped to build fanbases for numerous indie musicians. Thus, he speaks from actual work experience – not simply theory alone.

The book explains the steps needed to turn casual listeners into diehard ‘super fans’ who are willing to buy your music, merch, and other products. This is the money-making secret to creating a DIY / indie music career that lasts for the long haul.

In short, Get More Fans is easily among the best music marketing books available. You’ll pick up real actionable advice that’ll surely enhance your chances of success!

5. The Indie Bible

The Indie Bible

We’ve just listed a few of the best music marketing books that cover the basics of doing your own online promos, earning fans, and growing your social media presence.

All this info becomes all the more powerful when coupled with The Indie Bible. This book is essentially the best ‘yellow pages’ directory for DIY musicians to locate gig venues, touring agents, music distributors, and much more.

The Indie Bible is filled with literally thousands of music industry-related names, emails, and other contact info for you to directly reach out to. In short, it’s a treasure trove of networking opportunities that’ll help you spread your music to people.

You’ll also want to check out the Ultimate Indie Bundle that comes with even more indie music resources. All it takes is effort and commitment on your part to get things moving.

Know of other best music marketing books for DIY musicians? Leave your suggestions below!

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5 Best Music Marketing Books for Online Indie Musicians
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