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Interview: Dreebsby on ‘Sad Disco’, Escaping Reality, and Telling Stories

Photo of the artist known as Dreebsby

This week, we had the pleasure of sitting down with singer, songwriter and producer Dreebsby. Oozing charm and charisma, the Singaporean artist speaks passionately about the lead single from his debut EP – Last Night – which has quite the backstory, much like the artist himself. In this interview, the crooner opens up about his journey, the meaning behind the song, new EP, and much more.

Whabby: I loved this story when I heard it so for the benefit of new fans, why Dreebsby?

Dreebsby:  I was bullied as a kid for being different – hated school till I was like 16. Music was the only place I could escape to and feel good about my individuality. When I was in the military I got the nickname ‘Dreebsby’ based off infinite mispronunciations of my ethnic surname (Padbidri). So I decided to adopt the moniker as reminder to always embrace the things that make you different, and to be unapologetically yourself… because that ultimately prevails.

Whabby: Singer. Songwriter. Multi-instrumentalist. Producer. Lawyer. Entrepreneur. Ex military… and gold-medallist gymnast? Considering you’re only in your 20s, you’re like the anti-bullying posterboy.

Dreebsby: I’m from Asia – we’re expected to have done most of those by the age of 3. Technically I’m a family disappointment.

Whabby: *laughing* So what pushed you in the direction of music?

Dreebsby: I’ve always been a huge fan of music. And I’d always been a huge fan of escaping reality into imagination. So nothing seemed more exciting than turning imagination into reality with music. As a kid making music was my first positive taste of being myself. It’s so therapeutic – writing about how you’re feeling or what’s on your mind, and then trying to bottle it as an expression with a purpose.

Whabby: Deep. How did ‘Last Night’ come about?

Dreebsby: This girl and I were trying to end things, but every time either of us got lonely after 2AM, we’d hook up ‘just one last time – it doesn’t mean anything’. It’s difficult when there’s technically nothing wrong with the relationship, but it’s just run its course. After about a month of these relapses, at 2AM yet again, I found myself drunk, alone, and about to repeat the pattern. Instead, I wrote and produced this song as an outlet to cope with the internal conflict. It’s ‘Sad Disco’ – to be drunk-danced to with a sad smile.

Whabby: Tell us more about your EP ‘2AM’?

Dreebsby: The EP contains 3 singles, each one of them telling a story of internal struggles that happen after 2AM.  Each song builds to the next, so I see them as the 3 stages and types of melancholy after 2AM, in a relationship that’s ending.

  • Last Night – drunk and lonely desire;
  • Out Of Juice – drained frustration;
  • Extinct – sadness and anger at the end.

It’s like that quote from How I Met Your Mother: “Nothing good happens after 2AM”.

Whabby: Let’s play a game of rapid-fire questions. Hit us with the first thing that comes to mind.

Dreebsby: Lets do it.

Whabby: My pre show pump up song is…

Dreebsby: Taylor Swift – Shake It Off *laughs*.

Whabby: The emojis that best describe my EP ‘2AM’ are…

Dreebsby: ????+????=????

Whabby: I’m obsessed with…

Dreebsby: Buffalo wings. And Dua Lipa’s latest album Future Nostalgia.

Whabby: My top 3 albums of all time…

Dreebsby: Red Hot Chili Peppers – Stadium Arcadium

                Daft Punk – Random Access Memories

                Kendrick Lamar – To Pimp A Butterfly

Want to hear more from Dreebsby? You can follow his music on Spotify here:

Interview: Dreebsby on ‘Sad Disco’, Escaping Reality, and Telling Stories
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