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EBOOK – Indie Musicians’ Blueprint for Beginners


We’ve created the ultimate roadmap for indie musicians to teach you how to build a sound strategy for a successful music career. 

The music industry is a competitive place. With a strong strategy, you’ll have a much higher chance of growing a fanbase and turning your music into hard-earned cash. With guidance from successful musician, lawyer, and label owner Sam Padbidri, this ebook will help you: 

  • Envision and start planning for your future music career
  • Develop your music skills to make them more marketable 
  • Find the best equipment for recording your music (checklist included!) 
  • Build and launch a brand for your music 
  • Promote your music to gain a wider audience 
  • Measure your success as you go 

We’ve also included case studies from well-known musicians, so you can learn how some of today’s biggest names found their path to success. If you’re serious about being a musician, this ebook is the best place to start.

It’s a MUST HAVE guide for all musicians, for a fraction of the price of hiring a manager or strategy team for yourself.




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