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EBOOK – Royalties: How musicians make money


Together with Sam Padbidri, Whabby Music’s consulting lawyer, we’ve created the ultimate guide on everything you need to know to music royalties.

Royalties can be an important revenue stream for musicians. But let’s face it, they’re also pretty confusing. Whether you’re distributing your music through a record label or putting songs on Spotify and Apple Music, royalties will be one of your main sources of income. However, if you’ve even dipped your toe in the water, you’ll know that the topic of music royalties isn’t as clear-cut as it seems on the surface. In fact, it can be a downright headache to get to grips with the different types of royalties out there.

In this eBook, we take you through:

  • A rundown on what music royalties are
  • The different types of royalties that artists receive, from performance royalties to mechanical royalties
  • Who owns the rights for different parts of the music
  • A dedicated section on streaming royalties, including what to expect and how to build a strategy
  • How royalties are divided between bandmates, artist managers, record labels, and distributors

This is a MUST HAVE guide for musicians at the fraction of the cost of engaging a music lawyer for yourself.


Everything you need to know about copyrighting your music.

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