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This is a bargain! WHABBY! Music has Insta “Influencer” status* and the value of a post on our timeline is rated at between $350 and $1000! This is how much you would have to spend on ads to get reach you would get from our feed! (*HypeAuditor Rating). We will post your 1 minute video on our WHABBY! Music feed where your music will be exposed to our entire WHABBY! Music community, which is approaching 90,000 music fans. We will also provide some coaching on how to maximise your personal engagement with your new fans, converting them to new followers on your own socials, and expanding your reach.

If you would like to reach a larger, more targeted audience you can use some additional credits to give your post a boost!

In addition, once your feature has been live for 2 weeks we can provide you with all of the engagement data for your feature for that period of time, as well as the general information about our existing audience – understanding who your fans are and where there are is critical to your success. If this is something you are interested in check out our Data Metrics Package!

INSTA POST – 300 WHABBY! Cash Credits



Add on:

POST BOOST: Credit Points: 100
We will run ads on your Insta Post to reach a more targeted audience. We will do some initial testing to work out where your music resonates most and then we will make sure we get maximum engagement.

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