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How to book gigs and make the most of them

WHABBY! Music - January 14, 2020
Playing regular gigs is one of the best ways for musicians to expand their audience and increase their street cred. But it’s not always easy…

21 ways to make money with music

WHABBY! Music - October 16, 2019

Here are many smart ways you can earn a living as a musician / performer.

5 Best Music Marketing Books for Online Indie Musicians

WHABBY! Music - September 26, 2019

These amazing music marketing books will help you promote your music in better ways!

Best Indie Pop Artists of 2019 so far!

WHABBY! Music - August 30, 2019

Our picks of the best indie pop artists of 2019 so far!

The Best Indie Rock Bands that’ll Turn You Into a Fan! (Part 1)

WHABBY! Music - August 26, 2019

Discover some of the best indie bands from around the world.

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